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It is a block diagram language for creating complex nonlinear dynamic systems.


Delivering unmatched power, flexibility, and extensibility, VisSim 7.0 is the most sophisticated dynamic simulation environment on the market today. New features in this release expand your modeling, simulation, and visualization options.

New 3D Plot Block Allows interactive plotting of multiple trajectories, surfaces, or waterfall Frequency plots. Plots support auto scaling, customizable axis appearance, control of lighting, surface color and mesh highlighting. User can zoom, translate and rotate plot with mouse to inspect plots during and after a run.
New 3D Animation Blocks Animate mesh data directly from a DirectX .x file or Connect to objects in a 3D VRML world file. Animation objects can be zoomed, translates and rotated with mouse to inspect animation scene during and after a run. 3D Camera and light blocks allow interactive control of lighting and world view.
New Matrix Blocks Spreadsheet matrix constant block, scrollable spreadsheet matrix display block, eigen value finder block, linear system solver block, spline and polynomial Curve Fitting with data lookup
New random distribution blocks Beta, Cauchy, Erlang, Gamma, Pareto, Rayleigh, Triangular and Weibull distributions have been added.
New Time stamp block It produces a user formatted date and time. This can be combined with the new file name variable expansion to create unique time stamped export data file names.
Code generation support for latest TI chips Support has been added for the latest TI F2835x and MSP430 parts from Texas Instruments. Code generation efficiency has been increased so that closed loop control rates in excess of 8 loops running at 300 KHz has been attained.

Subsystem threading For compound blocks with local time steps, a code generation option allows the subsystem to be scheduled in a low priority idle loop as a separate thread.


Fixed some bugs.

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It is a block diagram language for creating complex nonlinear dynamic systems.
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